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Hannah Rose Music Therapy

Minnesota, USA

About Hannah

Hannah is a board certified music therapist from Minnesota. She grew up playing piano and singing in church and school choirs, and her love of music 

led her to attend Gustavus Adolphus College where she  received a Bachelor of Arts in music performance and psychological science. After a year-long role in the social work sphere supporting women at risk of homelessness, Hannah followed her desire to use music in working with people and completed the music therapy distance program at Saint-Mary-of-the-Woods College.

Hannah has experience in America, Australia, and New Zealand working with with children and adults with developmental and behavioral disabilities, communication disorders, clients in dementia and palliative care, those with mental health diagnoses, and those with undiagnosed learning, emotional or behavioral challenges. She is dedicated to creating authentic and secure relationships with clients and advocating for accessible music therapy services.

Outside of her passion for listening to and making music, Hannah enjoys baking, traveling, DIY projects, and spending time in the sunshine.





​Tel: +64 022 192 4328
Email: hannahjakel.mtbc@gmail.com

Hannah Rose Music Therapy, est. 2020

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